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Water Damage Cleanup

Have you experienced property damage due to water?

We help water damage victims get back to normal more quickly with property inventory, assessment, cleanup, storage, and replacement.

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"Reliable Contents Services packed up everything carefully from my house when I had water damage, and stored it for a year while work was done on my house. After many delays, all work was completed, and they returned all of my belongings, safe & sound. I would recommend them for any packing and storage job."

—Jack P Water Damage Victim

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The Professional Support You Need at Every Step of the Water Damage Recovery Process

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  • Pack
  • Inventory
  • Store
  • Assess
  • Return &
  • Decide
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Did You Know

Documentation is often the most important factor in recovering financial compensation for damaged or lost items?

From inventorying to insurance claims, our process is designed for homeowners who’ve experienced water damage.


Photo Document All Items


Create a Working Inventory


ID & Describe Each Item


Document Its Condition


Gather Proof of Cost & Source

Categories of Water Damage

In addition to structural damage, water can wreak havoc on the contents of your property:

Flame Damage

Category 1

Category 1 is a source of water that does not pose a substantial threat to humans and is classified as “Clean Water.” Examples include water supply lines and tub or sink overflows. We need to remove personal property from the water ASAP to dry, allowing for damage analysis. Items can develop mold and cause environmental hazards if they aren’t taken care of promptly.

Flame Damage

Category 2

Category 2 is known as “Gray Water.” It contains a significant degree of chemical, biological, or physical contaminants. Some examples include sump pump failures and seepage due to hydrostatic failure. Items need to be properly handled to ensure there are no cases of cross-contamination. Items will be moved to an onsite cleaning station and many may be unsalvageable. If not dealt with quickly, water can become a Category 3 hazard.

Flame Damage

Category 3

Category 3 is known as “Black Water.” It contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi. Some examples include sewage, toilet backflows, seawater, rising water from rivers/streams, ground surface water, or standing water. Removing yourself from the property is the top priority. Remove and dispose of any articles of clothing that have come into contact with water. Do not try to handle anything personally, as this can cause severe infection and bodily injury.


Repairs are complete.
Congratulations! Let's get you moved back in

When repairs to your home or property are complete, our team will retrieve them from storage and place them as close as possible to where you left them.

Time to start your cleanup of your home after water damage?

We’re here to help!

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