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Sewage Damage Cleanup

Have you experienced property damage from sewage?

We help victims of sewage damage stay safe and salvage as many items as possible.

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"We had a real mess when the public sewer line broke and raw sewerage came up through our toilet. It was a disaster! Reliable Contents Services carefully sorted, photographed, packed and stored everything that could be saved. They took the remainder away... They exceeded our expectations!"

—Jan J Sewage Damage Victim

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The Professional Support You Need at Every Step of the Sewage Recovery Process Arrive Pack Inventory Store Assess Return & Replace Decide

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  • Assess
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Did You Know

Sewage is Category 3 water damage, also known as “Black Water.” This water contains unsanitary agents, harmful bacteria, and fungi, causing severe discomfort or illness.

From inventorying to insurance claims, our process is designed for homeowners who’ve experienced damage from sewage.


Remove Yourself Immediately


Dispose of Contaminated Clothing


Inventory Damaged Items


Document Its Condition


Create Total Loss Inventory

The Dangers of Sewage

Sewage poses severe health risks and needs to be taken seriously.

Flame Damage

Bacteria and Viruses

Sewage can cause a multitude of diseases. People with open cuts or scrapes need to take action and contact a health professional for further instruction.

Flame Damage

Leave It to Us

Don't reach for the mop, call us as soon as possible. Trying to clean sewage yourself can be dangerous and spread contamination even further.

Flame Damage


Remove yourself and remember that walking through the affected area will contaminate the other areas you walk through.


Clean up is complete.

When our work is complete, it is time to take inventory of unsalvageable items in a timely manner. If documentation isn't performed for all of the affected items, there is a large likelihood that items will be forgotten without compensation.

Time to take action after sewage has entered your space?

We’re here to help!

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